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About Me

Welcome toMiniSkirts and Microphones! If you’re looking for a website that delivers health + beauty; lifestyle + travel; fashion + entertainment and love + women’s issues that are easy and fun to read, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Ianthia, your guide to all things fabulous!


My love for all things fashion and news is what birthed this website! I wanted to marry my love for clothes, shoes and stilettos with my love for news and entertainment into a site that represents my personality. So MiniSkirts and Microphones was born! I’m a daughter, a sister, a media fanatic, a journalist, a former TV anchor, reporter and news editor living and working in The Bahamas! Since I was 16-years-old, I worked as a reporter at several media houses locally…signing in, being handed assignments, chasing politicians, criminals, celebrities, as well as the day’s news. But it feels as if I was ball and chained to my desk, being sucked into the old school, traditional media platforms that weren’t allowing me the freedom I so desired.

With a passion for entertainment journalism, social media, content creation and being an influencer to the world; the 7 o’clock news nor the smell of the ink still drying on the day’s newspaper did it for me anymore.

That’s when I decided to take a chance on myself and quit my job! See the blog on that here!

I now work as a freelance journalist and media specialist, TV show host and producer, commercial script writer and voice over, travel writer and lifestyle and entertainment blogger…and I must say it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made!

I take a lot of my life, infuse it with pop culture and sprinkle a little bit of news in my writing!


I love to travel and I love to share those experiences with my readers! From Spain to Puerto Rico to Dubai…I share all of my travel stories here. I’m a storyteller at heart, so I get to the nitty gritty of my trips and try to write beautiful pieces on them. I also go heavy with the phots so you get a bird’s eye view of what I saw, where I stayed and…my favorite  part…what I ate!


As a woman, a girlfriend, a sister…a human being, I encounter so many things on a daily basis, and I love to write about them! Relationships, good days, bad days, weird encounters, life lessons…I’ll share all my tales with you. I love to especially write about the things that affect us as women and the relationships that make us.


Shoes, clothes, fashion trends, lipsticks…I love it all! That’s why I post about them! I’m such a girly girl and self-proclaimed fashionista! LOL! On here you can see my favorite outfits, the details of what I wore and where I got it, details of the outfits from my trips and new health and beauty finds and hacks I’ve come across.


I am a news reporter. It’s where I started, it’s what I love. And while I don’t miss sitting in a newsroom, I love keeping up with the headlines and sometimes writing about them, putting my spin on them and making them MiniSkirts and Microphones ready! I follow celebrities, pop culture and fitness trends closely! A little news topped with some fun and conversational analysis is how I deliver these stories!

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