Stop Leaving the Daters Out! “Single” & “In a Relationship” Are Legit Statuses Too

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Let's speak the truth.  Many engaged and married people get snobbish and judgy the minute they slip their rings on; turning up their noses at the single and dating as if they're silver, gold and diamond encrusted jewelry is a mark of success and happiness. I've found that this snooty characteristic fits a lot of engaged ...

All The Single Ladies? Not Me! I’m Not Catching the Bouquet at Anyone’s Wedding!

Some half dead flowers will not get you a husband. Until those roses, peonies and hydrangeas come with a 6-foot tall, milk chocolate, romantic, caring, financially, emotionally and spiritually stable man who loves travelling, watching Netflix, could read well, fix my phone when it breaks, love me on my crazy days, eat pickled sausage with me, let me eat off his plate ( hey babe!) and watch reality TV with me, then I’ll believe the hype! Until then…nah fam!