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A “Treasured” Start to the Summer

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I don’t wanna hear it. Save the arguments. I don’t want to debate this. I’m not looking at photos of other countries. I don’t wanna hear about anyone else’s beaches or food or mountains or what they have.

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I know because I live here and I make it my business to travel throughout the islands to see it all. Even as a born and raised Bahamian, I find myself in utter shock and awe when I visit The Family Islands. Even as a Bahamian, the eye popping blues of the sea, the angelic whites of the powdery sands, the calming warmth of the island breeze take my breath away.

I got a dose of this on a recent trip to Teasure Cay, Abaco. I went for “work” but of course every trip turns into a mini vacay for me. I kid you not when I tell you that photos do no justice to capture how beautiful this place is. How can you freeze such beauty? How do you stop time to capture perfection? I started my summer in the exact way I’d envisioned; by the beach, working on my tan and sippin’ island inspired cocktails.

Treasured Details

Where I stayed: Treasure Cay Beach, Marina and Golf Resort – I love this place. The bright colors and island aesthetics only add to the experience. I had a suite and loved the two-storey spot I called home for the time. Ask for Avis the manager, she’s absolutely amazing…and tell her I sent you!

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Fave spot: Treasure Sands Club – TO DIE FOR! This is like the pool houses of all pool houses for the summer. Buy drinks and food and feel free to splash around in the pool or lounge poolside while rocking out to the best house, pop and rap music. 6 hours later and I still wasn’t ready to leave. We dished on double burgers topped with cracked lobster, fried calamari and the most exotic drinks!







Best Bahamian food: Coco Beach Bar – I fell in love with this place during breakfast and wanted to make it my home by dinner. With a super large menu and amazingly tasty food, this place is a foodie’s paradise. I had the most delicious tuna and grits one morning and went back for the mother of crack conch snacks later that day! Each night they have themed dinners with a live band and loads of dancing and island summer fun! BBQ Tuesdays was superb! I ate the food so fast I didn’t take pics! 🙁

P1200803 P1200800 P1200796

Abaco Blues – I kid you not, my eyes watered at the sights! I had to squint to take it all in. The blues of this island are so vibrant and striking, they take your breath away making you gasp in awe. To witness the boyish blues of the clear sky reach down into the sea to mix their paints, only happens in paradise. We hiked behind some bushes for about 10 minutes to get to a secret beach. I swear I felt like a kid again, filled with mischievous excitement, anxious to see what was on the other side. No one spoke a word. We only heard the rustling of old leaves beneath our feet as we followed the unmarked path to our own slice of heaven. And when we arrived, the branches pulled back like curtains to a stage play, introducing heaven on earth. Nothing but blue! Nothing but summer!

P1210119 P1210067





IMG_20160627_162945 IMG_20160628_135258 IMG_20160629_093849 IMG_20160630_094829


Where are you headed this summer?!

All photos of me taken by amazing Bahamian photographer Farreno Ferguson.

3 Responses
  • Cardell Mcclam
    July 23, 2016

    Color blocking heaven!!!

  • Crista
    July 4, 2016

    This is a great post. The pics are everything!

  • mishan Smith
    July 1, 2016

    You look nice Cuz keep up the good work