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Hey, September!

August you were a blast!

…but the year must go on! You guys, I had such an amazing time last month! August truly was the bomb and gave me some of my most memorable experiences! Being at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro was a life changing experience with memories (and photos) to last for days!

But alas, we’re in September now and it’s time for my monthly round up and “Needs List,” the beauty, fashion, food or lifestyle items I’m craving or loving each month!

My September Needs Are…

1. Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lip Kit – I sat and watched in awe at the sheer beauty that is Naomi Campbell at the 2016 VMA’s a few weeks ago! Instantly I was drawn to her mouth for the absolutely insane, ridiculously amazing lipstick she was wearing! I HAVE TO HAVE IT! Like seriously! The bold red, sparkly lip is right up my alley and needs to be added to my makeup kit! After asking, stalking and begging for the info I finally found out it’s a lip kit from Pat McGrath — listen this is sold out right now (as expected) but trust and believe I am stalking this product for future purchase! I think it actually goes on sale on Sephora’s website today at noon! The lip kits come in 3 shades; Vermillion Venom, Flesh and Bloodwine. Naomi is wearing Vermillion Venom and that’s the one I want! 


screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-58-32-pm screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-58-13-pm


2. PatchWork JeansRule #1: When you see it and you want it…buy it! I should’ve totally followed my heart and bought those amazing Levi’s Jeans I saw two months ago. Now, I’m fiending for some classic jeans with randomly stitched embroidered patches all over them! I love how the art work adds a playful, girly and bold feel to the jeans! I went to two other Levi stores recently and to no avail…I just might have to make this a DIY PROJECT!


3. Daily/monthly/yearly planner – Like every girly girl, I love me a cute, colorful, bright note pad to take around, write in, journal and keep notes in! But recently with a hectic schedule and more projects coming on board, I needed something with dates, a calendar and personality! My sister heard my cries and copped me the most beautiful planner that takes me straight through to 2017! I so love it; it’s become my daily go to and my daily reminder! A planner really helps you to organize the day, remember stuff and is a great place to write daily affirmations and inspirational notes to yourself. I now need to get some stickers and colored pens to beautify these pages!


I hope your September is as beautiful as you are!

What items are you diggin’?!